April 9, 2024At the scientific and practical conference «Saint Petersburg 2024. Geosciences: Today's Challenges and Solutions» abstracts and presentation of the report «Interference immunity and accuracy of microcracks localization during hydraulic fracturing using the intelligent robot ARIO» are presented.
April 24, 2023The presentation from the 10th anniversary scientific and practical conference «St. Petersburg 2023. Geosciences: Time of Change, Time of Perspective» is available for review. The possibilities of VSP data processing in the frequency range of 0-300 Hz (8+ octaves) using the concept of an Intelligent Robot (IR) are demonstrated.
July 29, 2020Microseismic monitoring while hydraulic fracturing spread processing technology is developed for UNIVERS software. Model and real data results are presented.
July 29, 2019VSP data porcessing using HDS technology is presented.
April 6, 2018The breakthrough result of data processing of CDP 2D by HDS technology is obtained.
November 21, 2016UNIVERS software is entered in the register of the Russian computer programs.
November 2, 2016Galperin Readings-2016 conference proceedings are presented.
january 28, 2016Galperin Readings-2016.
November 10, 2015Theses of Galperin Readings-2015.
October 5, 2015Создано Сообщество Сейсморазведки Высокой Четкости на базе программного обеспечения «ЮНИВЕРС».
March 10, 2015Galperin Readings-2015.
July 7, 2014Galperin Readings-2014.
July 3, 2014Air Seismic. An innovative approach of seismic processing with excitation of vibrations in the air.
October 29, 2013 Galperin Readings-2013.
September 2, 2013VSP Training Course and Workshop.
June 14, 2013The 75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition.
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