UNIVERS — software to process vertical seismic data (VSP, borehole seismic) and interpret them together with log and surface seismic data (2D, 3D).

Download UNIVERS software whitepaper/october, 2009: univers_oct2009.pdf [1.78 M]

Download presentation of UNIVERS software/october, 2009: UNIVERS_pres_oct2009.ppt [6.95 M]

Name of the software UNIVERS is formed from beginning letters of wprds UNIx VERtical Seismic.

1. Tasks to solve by the software

  • A detailed lithologic and stratigraphic correlation of surface reflections to well logs;
  • Zero-phase deconvolution of surface 2D and 3D reflections from VSP corridor stack trace;
  • A high resolution of processed data (8-250 Hz spectrum);
  • High quality wave field separation in presence of noises;
  • A detailed image of near-borehole medium;
  • Imaging of the medium under the bottom of the well;
  • Determination of velocity, impedance and layer dip in cased well;
  • Fast processing and quality control of field works and automatic tools for raw data processing;
  • Direction of fracturing determination;
  • Quality control; signal to noise ration for different frequency ranges; fast processing report composition.

2. Software packges

Three specialized software packges are provided.

To get information about list of procedures and minimal system requirements for exact software package please click an appropriate link.

UNIVERS Base processing — universal software for VSP seismic data processing and interpretation together with log and surface seismic data, and also for 2D/3D VSP and simultaneous acquisitions 2D/3D+VSP. It's supplied for OS Linux for PC. The software is enabled for multi user and multi computer environments.

UNIVERS Field processing — multifunction package for VSP acquisition system design, in-field processing and quality control with fast report preparation. It's supplied for MS Windows and it's to be installed on notebook of supervisor.

UNIVERS Hardcopy — specialized package for report and plotter graphics preparation. It's supplied to MS Windows . The software works with UNIVERS local database and extends functions of UNIVERS Base processing.

3. Certificates

Certificate of EAGO means matching to requirements of standard “Certification system for geophysical products. Standard to certify software packages and systems for geophysical data processing and interpretation”, which is applied both to russian software products and to foreign ones and used for geological and geophysical investigations.

Patent of Russian Federation — the document of Russian agency for patents and trade marks about official registration of computer program "Integrated system for geophysical data processing and interpretation" ("UNIVERS").