Гальперинские чтения 2014

Конференция Гальперинские Чтения продолжает традиции Е.И.Гальперина по применению новаторских подходов для решения фундаментальных задач сейсмологии. Метод ВСП, рассматриваемый как третье измерение для описания геометрии системы наблюдений трехмерных геологических структур, а также использование поляризации при работе с векторными волновыми полями, позволяют усовершенствовать технологии решения ряда актуальных задач сейсмологии и сейсморазведки.

Innovative Technologies,Theory Studies and Experimentation in Integrated Surface-Downhole Seismic Exploration and Microseismics

Dear Colleagues, you are cordially invited to attend and actively participate in GR-2014 – the 14th Galperin Readings International Conference

Time:28 October – 1 November 2014
Venue:Central Geophysical Expedition office, 38/3 Narodnogo Opolcheniya St., Moscow, Russian Federation
Organizers:Organizers: Central Geophysical Expedition, O.Y, Schmidt IFZ Earth Physics Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences and GeoVers LLC
Information support from: EAGE, EAGO; First Break, EAGO Geophysics, EAGO Geophysical News, Seismic Exploration Technologies, Oil and Gas Exposition, RosNedra News, NefteService and Oil.Gas.Novation journals, Equipment and systems of exploring geophysics.

The GR-2014 Conference events planned to take place include:

  • Science-and-Practice Conference (oral and poster paper presentations)
  • Commercial Presentations by Participant-Companies (innovative technologies for seismic data acquisition, geophysical software for integrated data interpretation, for building geologic and hydrodynamic simulation models of HC fields inclusive of HC reserves estimation, for monitoring field development and production, and hydrofrac operations in low-permeability reservoirs).

2D/3D surface-downhole seismic exploration integrated with VSP modifications. Offset VSP technology capabilities and limitations in the study of near-borehole space. VSP application effectiveness during oil and gas field development and production.

Fractured reservoir studies by employing latest seismic acquisition and interpretation technologies. Qualitative and quantitative assessment of fracture porosity in a carbonate mass from azimuthal offset VSP data by localizing fractured zones on full-wave acоustilog data, and by using scattered converted wave data for identifying fractured zones in formations.

Microseismic methods in the study of the subsurface. Geologic results from the 3D seismic data acquired in the noisy subsurface, and diffraction tomography with controlled ray emission. Low-frequency seismic sounding in exploration of small-size and complex-structure HC reservoirs. Microseismic monitoring for quality control of hydrofrac operations.

Oil recovery enhancement and watercut optimization in producing reservoirs with due regard for tidal effects on the rock compression and extension. Monitoring the multi-stage hydrofrac operations from the day surface and other innovative methods.

Software development, theory-and-experimentation studies and technology developments
Detailed analysis of seismic wavefields in microwave technology – high definition seismic exploration. Prediction of reservoir properties and HC reserve estimation from seismic/downhole data by employing DV-SeisGeo and DV-Geo systems. New method of airborne and marine seismic exploration with travelling focus

FOR DETAILS regarding GR-2014 attendance application forms, paper submission forms, deadlines for paper submissions, participation and financial documents processing visit CGE website
tel: 7(499) 192-8135

For abstract submissions, call Victor Manukov
tel: 7(499) 192-6539
e-mail: vsmanukov@cge.ru.

Registration Fees

Registration fee for participants and attendees €300
Cost of rent in the Exhibition area(1m2 ) €100
Commercial presentation fee (60 min) €450
Workshops and excursion €100

Victor Manukov Chairman GR-2014 Conference Program Committee vsmanukov@cge.ru

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