Гальперинские чтения

Конференция Гальперинские Чтения продолжает традиции Е.И.Гальперина по применению новаторских подходов для решения фундаментальных задач сейсмологии. Метод ВСП, рассматриваемый как третье измерение для описания геометрии системы наблюдений трехмерных геологических структур, а также использование поляризации при работе с векторными волновыми полями, позволяют усовершенствовать технологии решения ряда актуальных задач сейсмологии и сейсморазведки.



Innovative Technologies, Theory Studies and-Experimentation in Integrated Surface-Downhole Seismic Exploration and Microseismics.

Time: 29 October – 1 November 2013
Venue: Central Geophysical Expedition office, 38/3 Narodnogo Opolcheniya St., Moscow, Russia
Organizers: Central Geophysical Expedition IFZ Earth Physics Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences and Geovers LLC
support from: EAGE, EAGO; First Break, EAGO Geophysics News, Oil and Gas Exposition and NEFTEservice journals

Attention! Submission date of papers is prolonged till October 23, 2013.

Galperin Reading Conferences gather annually no fewer than 100-150 geophysicists and geologists from hydrocarbon exploration and production companies, scientists, researchers and specialists of higher education institutions and science-and-technology centers. They exchange information on new technology developments, theoretical studies and geological results of their application to the prospecting, exploration and development of hydrocarbons by using integrated 2D/3D surface-downhole seismics and various vertical seismic profiling (VSP) modifications including offset VSP, polarization VSP, MS (movable source) VSP, multicomponent VSP and other source-receiver geometries. The geophysical, petrophysical and PLT data, thus obtained, make it possible to update and refine geologic and hydrocarbon field simulation models, monitor field production, predict HC resources and estimate HC reserves. Broader range of geologic precision tasks (for example, field development), successfully addressed by geophysics, has naturally led to a broader range of topics highlighted at Galperin Reading Conferences. Thus, of 54 papers presented at GR-2012, only 10 dealt with VSP problems. The remaining papers discussed many topical directions of the modern seismic exploration ranging from theoretical studies of seismic wave propagation, microseismics application in exploration, deep geology and tectonics investigation through to the further development of enhanced oil recovery methods, hydrofrac monitoring in low-permeability reservoirs, HC reserve estimations and new software development for integrated interpretation of geoscience data. Along with the conventional surface-downhole seismics topics, much of the time at the forthcoming GR-2013 will be devoted to the same surface-downhole seismics, but this time in integration with the above-mentioned methods.

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