HDS - High Definition Seismic

High Definition Seismic (HDS) is the new conception of seismic prospecting is under develop of GEOVERS Ltd. collaboratively with UNIS Ltd.. HDS includes innovative approaches for hardware tools, field works technique and processing algorithms. In complex, these details allow to open a new horizons of surface seismic prospecting.

The uncompromising innovation technology

Field acquisition: Covers the whole available 3D space of interest
  • HDS geometry:
    • 3D acquisition geometry (3D+VSP)
  • HDS geophone:
    • 3C inside digitizing, no infield array mixing
    • Non-resonance geophone clamping to ground and well
Processing: Iterative inversion controlled by Artificial Intelligence
  • HDS statics:
    • POLYCOR static calculation
  • HDS wavefield decomposition:
    • Full model-based iterative analysis of wave fields with model estimation for each type of wave
    • Fragmented frequency band processing
  • HDS deconvolution:
    • Statistically consistent 4-factor deconvolution
  • HDS velocities:
    • True P, S velocity model
    • Controlled relation between static corrections and near surface velocity model
  • HDS migration:
    • Imaging through vector migration with true velocity model
  • HDS technology:
    • Processing based on concept of artificial intelligence

Booklet High Definition Seismic (HDS).