Galperin Readings `12


To download rules of participation in conference Galperin readings 2012 [English]

Innovative Technologies and Fundamental Research
in Surface-Downhole Seismic Exploration and Seismology.

Dear Colleagues – Geologists and Geophysicists
from Research and Education Institutes and Science-and-Technology Centers,
from Oil and Gas Companies and Geophysical Companies,
You are cordially invited to attend and actively participate
in GR-2012 – the 12th Galperin Readings International Conference

Time: 30 October – 2 November 2012
Venue: Central Geophysical Expedition office, 38/3 Narodnogo Opolcheniya St., Moscow, Russia
Organizers: Central Geophysical Expedition
Earth Physics Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences and
Geovers Co
support from:
EAGE, EAGO, First Break, EAGO Geophysical News and Oil and Gas Exposition journals

Geophysical practice has repeatedly proved that 2D/3D surface seismic exploration integrated with the downhole vertical seismic profiling (VSP) in its various modifications is able to provide solutions to challenges in search for hydrocarbons and to no less complex challenges in development and production of hydrocarbon fields by providing petroleum scientists and engineers with information they need to build and/or update geologic and simulation models of reservoirs and fields, to monitor field production and other precision tasks, such as estimating resources and reserves of hydrocarbons. Still, there are many complex problems that compel geophysicists to turn again to in-depth theoretical-experimental research for solutions on the basis of fundamental theory of seismic wave propagation. This was quite evident from broader topical issues highlighted in papers at the last three Galperin Reading Conferences. In addition to traditional topics covering new technologies and geologic results from applying surface-downhole surveys, quite a few of the GR-12 papers are going to highlight theoretical-experimental research results and innovative solutions based on

  • the use of microseismic methods in seismic exploration, in the study of fractured reservoir zones, in passive monitoring of hydrofrac operations applied to low-permeability reservoirs,
  • the study of essential limitations of surface and downhole seismics aiming to bring out advantages of one method and use them in another method to enable resolving geologic challenges that require for example enhanced resolution or broader seismic frequency range; this approach is realized in Geovers’ integrated 3D+VSP data processing system (named High Definition Seismic – HDS),
  • the study of seismic signal inversion in building velocity models of the subsurface in the frequency, time and other domains,
  • new software developments, in particular on CGE initiative, such as open platform on which to develop competitive geoscience software and support the users, and other new developments that will be reported at GR-2012.

For details call 7(499) 192-8135 or 7(499) 192-6539 , or visit Geovers website where you can have application form for GR-2012 attendance, paper submission forms, and can be posted on GR-2012 participation as well as on the progress of the GR-2012 Conference preparation.

Victor Manukov
GR-2012 Conference Program Committee

To download rules of participation in conference Galperin readings 2012 [English] [English]