Galperin Readings `11

Conference Objectives

Conference follows Galperin’s innovative approach to solving the fundamental problems of seismology. Two still actual problems were moved up by VSP method as third dimension in acquisition geometry for 3D geological structures and polarization approach to deal with vector wavefields in seismic prospecting and seismology.

Previous 10 sessions gave rise to several important innovations:

  • New applications of VSP technology
  • 3D+VSP as 3D acquisition geometry
  • Stacking of P and PS waves as the method to compensate reflectivity/incidence variability
  • Several technologies to provide up to 7 octaves of resulting spectrum compared to usual 3-3.5 octaves – High Definition Seismic.

Any new technology in seismic prospecting and seismology is invited to be presented on conference as well as application results.


Representatives of leading Russian Earth Science Centers, geophysical and oil and gas companies use to take part in the conference.


English presentations are available directly. Russian presentations will be followed by necessary English comments.

Call for papers

The call for papers deadline is 15 October 2011. Standard for EAGE abstracts four pages format is available


All information about GR’11 will be on website.
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Welcome to the area of innovation technologies based on fundamental theory!

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