GEOVERS is a science and production company accumulating an experience in development engineering of Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP) method within Russia and abroad for more than 40 years.

High Definition Seismic (HDS) is the new conception of seismic prospecting is under develop of GEOVERS Ltd. collaboratively with UNIS Ltd.. HDS includes innovative approaches for hardware tools, field works technique and processing algorithms. In complex, these details allow to open a new horizons of surface seismic prospecting.

Galperin Readings `12


To download rules of participation in conference Galperin readings 2012 [English]

GEOVERS LTD at 74th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2012

Programm Galperin Readings- 2011

Programm «Galperin Readings- 2011»
Download Programm «Galperin Readings- 2011»

Announcements included into the Galperin Readings'11 conference program

Galperin Readings `11

GEOVERS LTD at 73st EAGE Conference & Exhibition in Vienna

Theses of Galperin Readings for 10 years.

The list of books "Galperin Readings"

Dear colleagues!
We would like to bring to your attention all the theses published on Galperin Readings for the last 10 years.

Galperin Readings `10

Dear Geologists and Geophysicist of oil and gas geophysical companies and scientific research institutes!

This year in 8-11 of November the twice anniversary because of 90-years jubilee of the outstanding Russian geophysicists E.I. Galperin and 10th under the account annual conference on surface and berehole seismic problems «Galperin Readings 2010» will take place. CGE Ltd and Geovers Ltd are glad to invite you and your colleagues to take an active part with your activements in the conference.

We are sure that you understand very well a role of seismic prospecting not only used for search and investigation of deposits, but also in geological and even hydrodynamic modelling of processes of working out and operation of deposits, promoting the decision of such challenges, as specification of a deposits contour new wells coordinates definition, drilling correction and working out, and also new wells coordinates difinition new geophysical information extraction which used for more exact calculation of resources and stocks of hydrocarbonic raw materials.

You should also know that the solving of these problems appreciably became possible because of integration of land seismic 2D and 3D observations with various VSP methods, especially of three-componental waves of different type registration.

Moreover, its possible to observe a geological structure near the well or between wells even with absence of surface seismic observations aplying special VSP systems. Its clear, how much it is more economic than 3D surface seismic processing. There are many technological possibilities to increase of geological efficiency by means of VSP with seismic data integration for high results of our final task - oil extraction providing. Thus, every year the conference program extends because of innovative developments and results of theoretical works presentation.

All about how one could achive high result of work in different cases using well and surface seismic geophysical data you can find out on "Galperin readings".
The conference are hold once a year in Moscow by CGE Ltd and Geovers Ltd under the aegis of ЕАGS and sponsored by EAGE and other companies which are interested in development of technology and the theory of searching prospecting and operation of oil and gas deposits.

You can take all details of the conference, conditions of participation and representation of reports from investment to this letter and learn it on site www.geovers.com or by phones:
Phone.:+7 (499 192-65-39
Fax: +7(499) 192-81-35
E-mail: manukov@cge.ru
Program committee "G.R."

GEOVERS booth at 72st EAGE Conference & Exhibition in Barcelona

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